Monster Cleaning Crawley is a specialized cleaning company, which was established many years ago.

As a result of all of your positive feedback and reviews we have manage to expand our activity and be more professional for you. Being a leading company demands dedication and improving of the customer service. We follow the company traditions, which help us to speak in support of our policy.

Behind our easily accessible and user friendly website works a team of great computer engineers and scientists, which are responsible for updating it every day so you can have entire disposal of the latest information about our work.

Friendly and completely knowledgeable office servants take part of various trainings to improve their customer service. They posses strong working ethic and manners, making every conversation pleasant and helpful for our users. Our sales agents are able to solve any issue and help out every customer, to strengthen and stabilized our relation with our customers. They keep co ordination with their supervisor and the cleaning teams so they can be fully informed for every single step of the work process.


Our cleaners are treated with the same respect as any other employee in the company. Because  being appreciated is the most motivating at the working place. We offer great working conditions for all of our employees no matter which department they work in. We provide the best tools needed for our services, the most powerful and modern equipment and materials as well as cleaning liquids, so they can work undisturbed and focused on the cleaning process. The solvents that our teams use are environmentally benign and carbon – neutral, so the provided service by us are danger free for your family and pets.

Our schedule is very flexible, because we aim to accommodate every single customer at the most preferable and convenient time for them. We work seven days a week, 365 days a year, even on holidays, for no extra hidden charges! We have the capability to organise last minute services. Even we offer additional discounts if you book a service according our availability!


Probably you think that promoting so many positiveness, our prices are expensive and cost an arm and a  leg. Actually we have managed to find the most efficient way to perform our services, so we can offer the most inexpensive and bargain prices. We are proud to say that we can match any budget and customize deals according your needs and resources.